• 3D panels with metal coating 3D panels with metal coating
  • 3D panels with metal coating 3D panels with metal coating
  • 3D panels with gold leaf 3D panels with gold leaf

Whether you’re looking for understated and natural, or a daring and strident look, metal wall panels and decorative screens can create a feeling of organisation and strength in your home or business. Easy to clean and maintain, metal panels and decorative laser cut screens offer an excellent option for home or business owners seeking to make a statement with their interior décor.

The texture is becoming an important aspect of interior design, as more home and business owners are becoming tired of standard white walls or basic panels. Metal wall panels offer a broad pallet for both colour and texture, giving property owners plenty of options with which to work.

Metal panels offer a variety of practical options to home or business owners, including:

– Easy maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining metal wall panels is relatively easy and less fraught with worries about damaging the panel than other materials.

– Durability: Metal panels will hold up for the long haul, offering decades of use.

– Adaptability: Metal panels, unlike some other materials, hold up well in different climates.

– Variety of options: There are many options for property owners when it comes to metal panels – and they can be made from copper, bronze, aluminium or a variety of other metals.

Metal panels can create a very modern, sleek atmosphere in a home or business and work well with areas whose décor reflect these design values. Metal can be used for both understated and more dominant looks, as varying types of metal differ in colour and texture.

To get a better idea of how metal panels can shake up the décor of your home or business, browse through various metal panel products and consider your space. Determine whether metal panels fit your design, or if it’s time to change designs and incorporate metal panels in your home or business to achieve a cleaner, stronger look.

Decorative Screens can also be used for screening, balustrades, entry door and gates and garden screens and a decorative fence.